Jaw Line & Chin Enhancement

Jaw line enhancement has become increasing popular.

Create a more contoured, defined jawline and can disguise jowls or we can create a slimmer looking and more oval shaped face. This is not suitable for every individual and will be decided on the day of your appointment. Rebecca will need to examine your face and the muscles around it. Those with a BMI over that of what is considered within the healthy range and/or those with excess fatty tissues in the area.

For an enhanced jawline we would recommend a minimum of 3 ml

For jowls we usually recommend 1ml-2ml

(Male patients will usually need more ML’s than females)


Chin is usually an underestimated area in aesthetics and is overlooked on how much of a difference it can make to the face. It can create more harmony between features, elongates the face. We can feminise or can create a more masculine shaped face

1ml £260, 2ml £400, 3ml £650, 4ml £800

Immediate – Takes 7-14 days to settle

Variable each person

Variable each person

local Anaesthetic within the filler


15 minutes

Lasts 12-18 months – dependent on life style factors

What can it do

  • Disguise jowls
  • Contour jawline
  • Slim and elongate the face
  • Give more harmony between other structures of the face
  • Create more feminine shaped face
  • Create more masculine shaped face
  • Can disguise bumps in chins


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