Cheek Enhancement

Cheek enhancement is a popular treatment for those who would like to create contour, shape and volume using a dermal filler. Cheek enhancement is also beneficial for those who have loss of volume in the face. We can target which areas to enhance to create more of a youthful appearance and to smooth out fine lines.

For a very subtle look we would recommend 1ml. For a more enhanced look we would recommend 2ml.

1ml £280, 2ml £400

Immediate – Takes 7-14 days to settle

Variable each person

Variable each person

local Anaesthetic within the filler


15 minutes

Lasts 12-18 months – dependent on life style factors

What can be achieved

  • Create contour and definition
  • Add volume to cheek area
  • Enhance your natural features
  • Lift your smile lines
  • Smooths out fine lines


What other treatments compliment this treatment

Before & After